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חדשות מוצרי ZyXEL - ספטמבר 2014
2014-09-29 15:59
כיבואנים בילעדיים של מוצרי ZyXEL בישראל, אנו שמחים לפרסם מידי חודש חדשות וחידושים על המוצרים ועל החברה.
חברת ZyXEL הוקמה בשנת 1989 ומפתחת ומייצרת פתרונות תקשורת בתחום הפס הרחב.
מוצרי ZyXEL כוללים מודמים, מתגים, ראוטרים וסוויצ'ים לשוק הביתי והעיסקי.
חברת ZyXEL מייצרת חדשנות בעולם המתגים ונחשבת כשחקן חזק בשוק הפס הרחב.
מטה החברה יושב בטיוואן ומונה כ- 35,000 עובדים.
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September 2014
ZyXEL One Network - Meet the Challenges of Modern Networking
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ZyXEL One Network - Meet the Challenges of Modern Networking

The reality of today’s business networks is that different product lines are lack of consistency and integration. It’s easily found in the industry that equipment brands just acquire new technologies they lack for shorter time-to-market; as a result, products under one brand might have totally different graphic or command line interfaces, or similar features that perform differently. Read on to learn how ZyXEL addresses this problem and aims to help business networking to new heights with introduction of ZyXEL One Network.


Success Story

Majestic Grande Hotel Bangkok Deploys ZyXEL Hospitality Solution

Majestic Grande Hotel Bangkok Deploys ZyXEL Hospitality Solution

The Majestic Grande Hotel, a stylish boutique hotel, with 251 rooms, located in the heart of Bangkok. The old wired/wireless LAN networks of the hotel are of HomePNA (HPNA) that provides accessibility through phone lines. The access points in the wireless network are lacking supervision, management and maintenance to cause difficulty identifying the devices. Read the full story to learn how ZyXEL hospitality solutions have helped Majestic Grande Hotel establish a fast and stable centralized management system.


Hot Products



Delivering a Better Wi-Fi Experience to Hotel Guests

Guest satisfaction tops the list of priorities in the hospitality industry. The NWA5301-NJ is an innovative access point specially designed to enhance and maximize guest’s Wi-Fi experience. Read the full product details to see how the NWA5301-NJ can benefit our clients.

GS2210 Series

GS2210 Series

Help Organizations Stay Ahead, Save Power, Enhance Security

The ZyXEL GS2210 series is a line of full-featured Layer-2 Gigabit access switches designed to meet the challenges of integrating data, video and voice communications. Read the complete list of specifications to learn how the GS2210 series can benefit our clients.


ZyXEL Education Centre

ZyXEL Education Center, ZCNE

Do you want to become a ZyXEL sales expert? Check out our ZyXEL ZCNS (ZyXEL Certified Network Sales) training program. The ZyXEL Certified Network Sales program is designed for individuals who sell, support, and recommend ZyXEL solutions. Whether you’re new to the ZyXEL world or an experienced ZyXEL partner, join our ZCNS training program today. You may be surprised to discover what you didn't know!


Distributor of ZyXEL's Business Networking Solutions

Quality Bytes

Quality Bytes
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